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Stoves & Furnaces

We carry Keystoker and Reading stoves, furnaces and boilers. We also have a full line of stove parts and do some repairs in house such as replace glass, gaskets, door handles, glass bead the doors and paint them. We can make your stove look and run like new!

Our Keystoker and Reading brand stoves are very easy to operate. We have all the parts you need for those sudden repairs. Coal burning stoves are great and efficient for homes, businesses, and more. We can also order parts for Leisure Line stoves.

They are ergonomically designed to fit into many areas, and they provide incredible heat and a warm cozy atmosphere. You can have a clear glass window so you can enjoy the feeling and comfort of the stove’s aesthetic. 

Our stoves are very easy to use. You will quickly adapt to utilizing your new heating method. You can even moderate and set the temperature.