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Livestock Feed/Summer Items

We carry a full line of livestock feed and summer items for farmers, gardeners, and land enthusiasts.


At Homestead Coal, we are proud to carry Keystone Mills, Blue Seal and Pine Creek Original non-GMO feeds for all kinds of livestock. Keystone provides a full line of feeds ranging from dairy to swine to equine. Keystone is known for their high quality and all natural ingredients. They also rank customer satisfaction as their top priority. We only work with the best.

Feed we carry includes:


Mulch is an important part of making a yard healthy. We carry three different colors of mulch including red, black, and brown. Mulch is beneficial in conserving moisture and it helps to make the soil more rich and fertile.

Lime, Salt Blocks, & Minerals

We stock salt and mineral blocks as well as agricultural lime for farmers to put on their fields.

Water Softener Salt

We sell Morton water softener salts. We have 3 different kinds including rust remover (40 lb. bag), system saver (50 lb. bag), and solar salt (50 lb. bag).